New hardware. New website.

Well this was long overdue. But it finally happened, Zorg is being replaced.
The most visible aspect of this change is of course the new website, with which I hope to bring into the 21st century. I never bragged with my web developer skills, so this has taken quite some time/effort/frustration. But the process has had its benefits, forcing me to adapt to newer, cleaner technologies. Of course my favorite way to edit the site remains mcedit from the console. And speaking of established things, the legacy of Zorg still lives in the new server. Both in hardware and in software. One of Zorg's harddrives, the sata pci card and a NIC have been moved to the new machine. Which is not brand new by the way. I'm not going to mention specs now, suffice to say that the new server is about twice as powerful as the old one, so it's not a huge leap but more of an evolutionary step. Software wise, the new machine also runs Slackware. There are some snippets of code from the old site which run on the new one, databases and pictures have been copied - along with some config files. And it's not only about the website. This server is a swiss army knife at my home, offering dhcp, ftp, routing, mpd and more services for me. It's also a testbed for a lot of my experiments.
All in all, Zorg has served me for six years, so I believe the upgrade is justified. And some of it lives on - yeah I'm a bit sentimental about stuff I used for a long time. So there it is. New things to iron out the quirks from, but I hope a better experience overall.
Below - for your reference - is a screenshot of the old home page just before the site was taken offline.