About me

I have been criticized for not having this page. So here goes, it's all about me now...
I don’t like talking about myself so I'll keep it short. My background is in IT engineering. I do networking for a largish company. My passion for linux and all that is opensource software is put to good use there and makes the job a lot easier and more pleasant.
Another passion of mine is electronics. I had an affair with the AVR series of microcontrollers which resulted in a few more or less useful devices. But unique, nevertheless. It is a very rewarding feeling when not only you write software but actually build the device said software will run on.
However, photography is the biggest bug that I have. It actually predates somewhat my other preoccupations and it has grown lately. This is a subject that I could probably talk about day and night. Better to just shoot instead. It is the medium in which I feel I can express myself, show my 'artistic' side and also requires a lot of technical knowledge (even though some people might say/think otherwise). A new world of light and shadow where everything is different and uncommon. I will stop now.
All of this is reflected in unixpla.net. The server runs opensource software, there are some DIY devices connected to it and most of the content of the website is made up by photographs. So there you have it.
About page, done.